Stardate 19: Goodbye

I recently got to know that one of my best friends blocked me on whatsapp, unfriended me on fb, instagram, twitter and what not (in no particular order whilst I’ve been busy sending good ol’ memories).

I thought hard about it and maybe it has to do with the differences in ideologies. Many a time, I’ve been asked about my affiliations and I always retort by saying ” I’m neither leftwing nor rightwing. I’m wingless, just like Seraph”…

Seraph, the wingless

Anyhow, it’s ironic since he’s a comedian and couldn’t take one of the banters or probably crappy tweet I did or whatever it may be.

I’ve reached a point in life where the number of fucks I give is the cardinality of a null set i.e. 0

Wubba lubba dub dub

As a wise man once said, “Wish them well, and if they leave throw their memories into a well”…


Stardate 18: Freedom


As you know that I was going through tough times.

To be precise : I was dwelling with demons who wish certain specific individuals to get Covid-19 and die, who mock an actor who committed suicide, who are so hypocritical and manipulative that they drive any sane individual to the point of chaotic insanity.

I had mentioned about these dark triad people in one of my previous posts so I won’t go into that rabbit hole again.

Allow me to tell you some of my thoughts about freedom and its importance:

Freedom is having total control over your time…

Why Power in the Workplace Makes People Feel They Control Time - WSJ
source: wsj.com

Freedom is an eagle flying in the sky…

Indian Spotted Eagle - eBird
source: ebird.org

Freedom is breathing…. sleeping… eating… in peace 🙂

source: artwork by art.experiences

People tend to understand the cost of something only when they toil hard for it.
These times of post-modernism has made plebs so lethargic that they take freedom as if everyone is always born with it.

Rick Peace GIFs | Tenor

Peace out…

Stardate 17: Escaping the Escapism

Who am I?
What am I doing?
What is this world that I am experiencing?
Is this even real?

These were the thoughts that thwarted my plan of permanent escape to the ecstasy of Himalayas.

The Matrix

I took a blue-pill and went into hiding. It was sensible. It was simple. Long before the pandemic hit, I knew this was going to happen. I had to escape… And there I was; in the den of darkness.
It was excruciatingly difficult to live, for I knew less about the mountain and its beasts. Somehow, I stayed alive…

I exercised

Be a Hero fitness — The Prison workout
Iroh pumping iron

I meditated

The Lotus Position in Anime And Manga | The Dao of Dragon Ball
Zen of balance

I watched a lot of movies and tv series ranging from ATLA (Sep) to sci-fi movies like Short-Circuit (3rd June, really nice movie which revolves around Consciousness in a robot) and Primer(couple of days ago, total mind-fcuk about Time travel).

Eventually, I had to escape this illusion. This distorted reality-altering field, this maaya (if you will)… I had to take the RED-pill and…


Stardate 16: La stupidité de la sci-fi

Howdy guys,

Hope you’re doing well and taking good care of yourselves.

These are times of direst stress and one should stay optimistic about tomorrow. I know that this can be difficult but still…
Personally, I do lots of stuff like exercises, meditation, spending time with myself, and doing artwork amidst the nature. When I feel bored, I play board games or watch a sci-fi movie.

Everything We Know About THE MATRIX 4 - Nerdist
Neo – The One
source : https://nerdist.com/article/matrix-4-keanu-reeves-carrie-anne-moss-lana-wachowski/

Now, the thing about sci-fi is that a lot of these movies show dystopian future. Machines will rule the world, there will be World War III, killer virus will turn people into flesh-eating zombies, and what not!
I won’t name them but I generally dislike the sheer amount of melancholy in them. It’s difficult to think of a reason why someone would take interest in such a nihilistic subgenre. In TV shows, we have the likes of friggin’ Black Mirror and WestWorld. They’re nice, don’t get me wrong, but they affect the minds of the individuals watching them in such a manner that the younglings end up in disdain. This shouldn’t happen. Not today!

Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element
Leloo Multi-pass

source : https://www.cinemablend.com/news/1639139/30-best-sci-fi-movies-of-all-time

What we need now is actively-optimistic sci-fi which paints a brighter picture of the future for us. One that binds us together and makes the fandom going strong… Strong like Uncle Iroh 😀

Let's Talk About Tea (That Even Uncle Iroh Would Love!) as You Wait for  Live-Action 'Avatar: The Last Air Bender'
Cheerfulness maintained in the face of adversity is the highest form of courage.


Stardate 15: Importance of solitude

I don’t think that most extroverts understand the need of an introvert when it comes to the “recharge” or “self-time”. They feel it is just another escape mechanism to evade the social situations. But is this the case?

Let’s look beyond MBTI personality types and not put people into 16 bins 😀

There’s this Big 5 system based upon 5 dimensions:

Introverts can be thought of as traders who wake up with N coins and they spend a coin for every social interaction they have. It tires them to hell.
As per same analogy, extroverts are traders who earn coins when they interact. The more the better.

Sometimes the interactions aren’t smooth and introverts may feel like going into seclusion. This is the way introverts deal with life. This is not escapism but a safe haven for sanity. This is the manner in which they deal with extroverts…

But as someone said, “You don’t deal with extroverts, they deal with you… “

Till then, next time #LLAP 🖖🏽

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Stardate 14: Stages of Love

Of all the sci-fi that I have watched, it’s the concept of love that keeps on reminiscing. It’s as if someone has written a time-loop on this plot device. Anyhow,
a wise man once wrote about stages of love…

  1. Attraction : It begins with a crush. The very first stage. You are intrigued by a quality of the other – kindness, wit, looks, empathy, humour, affluence, individuality, confidence, intuition, presence. You want them around you. You want to look at them, be with them. They excite you. You are looking forward to a possibility. It gives you happiness. It will embark you on a journey of love and like a thing of beauty, it will give you a joy forever…
  2. Infatuation : It is intense. You are dreaming about them. You are playing out scenarios in your head. Your subconscious is obsessed over them. They are a constant reminder in your mind. The attachment has grown. You feel that connection. This is a stage of contemplation. You want to act on it, but it’s not easy. You are skeptical. The prospect excites you like nothing before, but you dread the falling out. It feels like you’ll ruin a good painting by adding another brushstroke. This is probably the hardest thing you ever did. Everything you do now will matter the most. This is where most potential relationships fall out. They never make past this stage…
  3. Love : When the two eyes meet, ‘it’ has been expressed and reciprocated. Now you are each other’s, exclusively. Laughter, embraces, tinges on the face, lit eyes, hearts beating faster, butterflies in the stomach. People will be able to tell your bliss. But they won’t be able to see the secret that you share, the secret of personalities. The hard choices, difficult circumstances, individual battles to be better for the other. You’ll strive through all the uncertainties and doubts to make it wonderful. Every day will be a new bar of understanding. In this churning of lifestyles, you discover new qualities about yourselves, previously unknown. You do all the things that you always wanted to. It can be writing letters, learning piano, walking in rains or jumping off cliffs together into a river, just for fun. Anything. This is the most fun you shall ever have. Unimaginable. There will be tough days, but they’ll in place contribute to your growth.
  4. Trust : Slowly and irrevocably, you are falling in love. All with nothing but just the trust that they will hold you. You have the utmost faith and patience for your love now. There is no turning back. You are past all doubts and fears. You choose to trust, absolutely and unconditionally. Nobody understands you better. They have held your hand through ice and fire. You have dealt with your vices together. You are stronger and braver now and you want to repay that by placing an immeasurable belief in them.
  5. Worship : You have found your God. Trust has now turned into reverence. You consciously bow down to them, their very existence, their whole being. It is divine. You are now in the realms of faith. You want to lose yourself to a hopeless devotion, utterly lost from the world, trying to be one of them. Concept of right and wrong is getting blurred because Gods are indubitably perfect. Act of love is your prayer now. Worship is now a way of life.
  6. Passion : You cannot imagine your identity without them. They are like air to you. It is an obsession of the highest form. Nothing else matters, only them. You lose your individual existence in their absence. Only love can bring you peace. You are helplessly entangled in it. Nothing will ever be enough. There is no moral, virtue, idea of ethic as important as them. They are your absolute recognition. There is now “you”, only Them (read Anthem by Ayn Rand for the reference).

The next stage could either go with those Disney-like “lived happy ever after” endings or die a painful death!

Death of love. Death of trust. Death of worship. Death of passion. Separation and sadness. The process of Death which began at Trust. The journey has been completed. All the hope has been lost. There is only grief and despair to follow…

Samurai Jack, stuck in the wrong epoch.

Lovers bitten by the serpent of separation, bound by the physical limitations of the world are now dead. They have endured all the worldly sufferings and finally found the cosmic salvation to finally be at peace, together.

The next stage is what I call Rebirth. It begins after the calmness of death. Slowly… All the feelings are subdued, deep into your heart, just like a seed into the ground. You cry, stay awake at nights. You think about parallel possibilities in which you two could’ve been together. Tears flow from the sea of emotions. You can’t put an end to them. So, you re-maneuver them, channeling every single droplet directly into your petrified heart. Each drop permeates through the labyrinth. And reaches that point, where love lies in its purest form. Dead but only to the eyes of self. The soul never actually dies, not even for Love. Steadily, your tears turn that deceased kernel into a seeling of a point-universe. The process of resurrection begins…

Professor Yutonium from Powerpuff Girls

 I completed season 1 of Samurai Jack today and I was reminded of a fan theory which says that Professor Yutonium is none other than Samurai Jack.


Remember, somewhere between Love and Madness lies obsession…

Stardate 13: Memories 2020

The year, 2020, was a meh one. It began with an absolute loss of interest in everything, even studying. Even then, I kept going and eventually ended up not doing well in the exam.

Then came the heartbreak…. It was painful.

“Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi” Luke Skywalker

I went to face all my fears to an unknown territory. I met strange new people, even made new fri3nds…

And when the world was done with Covid-19, I was working and searching my soul/self… For answers…

I worked till the brink of a burnout this year. Now I just need to work out and work in (my phrase for Meditation)…

The only good thing out of 2020 was that I authored a PR round and I got to watch lots of scifi, my favourite being : The Mandalorian.

Hoping for a happier 2021


Stardate12: Death and its purpose.

Last year, I faced the death of one person closest to me. It drove me numb for first few hours. I didn’t know how to react. I reached her final resting place, reading Geeta during the journey. I didn’t cry when I first saw her, but when went down to lift her body, I broke into a thousand tears.

It made me rethink the one question I have always had. What happens after death?
Maybe what some call death is the actual liberation from this facade what some call life.
Or maybe death is the act of beginning of change of dress i.e. body and nothing actually happens to the soul. What if it’s a mere re-permutation of the atoms, reconfiguration of the energy of the body to follow the law of conservation? Thus, nothing happens, a dead person simply becomes a part of the Universe.

But, what happens to the living is clearly obvious. They mourn, they weep, they cry and they live. They live with this burden of never being able to talk to the person they lost. They wish they could turn back time and for just one minute, they could bid farewell… But, since the mere mortal are not Time Lords and can’t go all Capaldi to save Clara; they carry on. With a hole in their psyche, a painful memory. But again, what is this pain all about?

“Everything that has a beginning, has an end Neo.”
-the Oracle

Stardate11 : Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) how close are we?

An AGI is something or rather someone which will have Human-like consciousness and a certain level of being. While we know that there is not much known about the origin of the consciousness, we do have a basic idea of what could be called a conscious being or not… Or do we?

In the classic scifi Star Trek, we had all sorts of beings ranging from Silicon-based life forms(protecting its eggs) to gaseous intelligence capable of immobilizing humanoids.

<more thoughts on diary, as the internet sucks in the Himalayas)

Everyone dies alone. But if you mean something to someone…
if you help someone or love someone, and even a single person
remembers you… then maybe you never really die at all?”


Stardate10: Memories

The human body is a tool of expression and body language tells how well we utilize those tools. When we face any situation we have two ways to deal with it: either think of ourselves as a victim or just take charge. Our body language can help with it. It alters our thought process, thus making a significant impact on how we act. The way we think about ourselves, the precise response of our brain to stress, the manner in which we show our dominance, all these can be trained. 
When we sit with open positions — our hands on our waists — our body goes through wonderful positive change. This enhances our vision, giving us a crystal clear idea of what to do and how to do it. When we do our task at hand, we feel positive about ourselves, thus cementing the feel-good vibes in us. 
This, in turn, kickstarts a cycle of positive feedback, thus helping us achieve better. 

There comes a time in a man’s life, when he has a single aim in life. Other goals subside into nothingness, becoming either recreations or distractions. I feel that that time is right now. There was a shy kid who would not speak even when he wanted to ask questions, who would swim in his textbooks and not do anything social. Once I was called up on stage to receive a prize in Quiz competition, I still remember that I didn’t climb up and received it from the area just below the main podium. It was a funny incident, but it made me look into myself. From being that timid, introverted boy, I have grown up to become a man of my destiny.
Today, whenever I enter into power positions, my concentration level increases and my brain goes into a focussed state. This has made my body into a jackhammer of excellence. All this was possible because of the right mindset. I have been training myself in being mindful of the body postures. I ensure that I don’t slouch, keep my spine straight, and keep my mind aware of the present. This has helped me in my social life as well. I am able to connect better not only with others but also with myself.

When someone goes in public and takes the central stage, people are not only looking at her/him, but they are engaging with all their senses. If the person delivers what induces an epiphany, the audience remembers the talk for quite a long time. Speaker’s expression also matters a lot. It’s not just the words, but the way she/he is elucidating the ideas marks an impression. Stage presence helps everyone, the speaker gains a better understanding of the audience, and the audience understands that the speaker is delivering his best. 
 To achieve maximum out of any opportunity life presents, one needs to be prepared. “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” because who knows what is there in the heart of the future. 

The art of “Fake it till you make it” is a long-lost art which needs to be imbibed in our lives. It doesn’t mean that we are lying to ourselves into feeling better, it entails that we put 100% effort into whatever we are doing. If we try, try, and try again we the right mindset, the spring of success won’t be far behind. We need to be aware of loopholes in our personality, try to fill those gaps with the layers of self-confidence. When an opportunity shows up, one needs to man up. Focus and concentration, full dedication with 100% effort can certainly make us achieve up to our full potential.
Once we do that, we can utilize proper body language to inspire not just others, but also self-motive ourselves. Imagine being that beacon of inspiration, a ray of hope who enlightens everyone around them.